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Carman In the Hall

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Carman Licciardello (Carman) has been inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame.  Carman stated on his Facebook page, “I guess the idea of a Hall of Fame and ministry seem to not mesh so well. But once I got there I could see it about being recognized by the people who’ve spent their whole life setting the gospel to music and to build God’s kingdom. So in that light I consider it an honor.”

Click here if you would like to watch the video that was played during the ceremony in honor of Carman’s many years of ministry.

May God continue to use Carman for His purpose and glory with each new day.

4 thoughts on “Carman In the Hall”

  1. “God is a God of righteousness
    God sits on the throne
    God is strong in battle
    God is God alone
    God wise and merciful
    God is sovereign Lord
    God is pure and holy
    God reigns forevermore” (Great God)

    Still some of my fav lyrics in the CCM!

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