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Website Remodel

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The CC247 team has been working feverishly to reveal our new website by January 1, 2018!  We’ve added new features like:

  • tab that displays which artist is playing when you visit the site
  • updates from the two founders, Doug and Mike
  • …more features coming!

2 thoughts on “Website Remodel”

  1. I have to say, I discovered (ok, God led me to) CC247 last November -and loved it then. The songs, your message, your radio presence and projection, and that you take the time to acknowledge / respond-to your listeners — well, you already set yourself head-n-shoulders above an already crowded convention.

    But now – WOW. I mean, WOW. That’s as clever as I can get.

    I’ve worked in IT for a long time. I can say, but with that eye and as a consumer, your new spit-n-polish on your site is TOP NOTCH. Navigation is smooth, seamless, and intuitive.

    GREAT JOB to all involved in the upgrade. Believe me, I have seen my share of upgrades that were a step backward — this is not one of those!

    I, for one, appreciate he desire to improve the user experience. And I always want to be the lone leper that returned to say “Thank you”.

    So,,, THANK YOU!

    1. Steve! What a kind and thoughtful comment you left on our site. THANK YOU for the encouragement. You appear to know just how much work goes into a re-design of a site. Lots of stuff on the back-end that nobody will ever see. But, we sure hope that what people DO see is worth their time. We love our listeners and are so thankful that God brought such a great group of people to listen to this music again.

      It takes a lot of extra effort to type out a thank you! It seems easy for people to voice a complaint, but kind words often go unsaid. Your comment was such a blessing.

      May your life be drawn even closer to Jesus through what He does through this station!

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